2018 WESSA Annual Review

Our vision for the Work Skills training unit has always been one of progressive growth and a “can do” attitude. Devel- oping new material to match customer and market needs is a priority together with providing the best possible trainers, assessors and moderators to exceed cus- tomer expectations. Being a recognised player in the blue and green economies

to do exceptionally well and has estab- lished a very good reputation in govern- ment departments as training service provider of choice, delivering high quali- ty professional training efficiently and on time. Robust financial and administrative systems and experienced staff have man- aged multi-million rand projects for gov- ernment throughout South Africa over

is attainable, and to this end, the 2017/18 financial year can be viewed as a step to- wards this goal. Work Skills has indeed developed into a bigger and better unit responsible for training in projects and programmes across WESSA. Materials were purchased for two new additional qualifications in a new SETA, CATHSETA (where tourism and conserva- tion skills development sit). We received notification of our programme approval towards the end of 2017, which is a sig- nificant milestone. Work Skills continues

many years. The fact that the DEA-NRM programme has awarded another training phase to WESSA after many years of fund- ing is testimony to the high standards of service and products delivered. Current National Qualifications • National Certificate: Environmental Ed- ucation, Training and Development Prac- tice (US 22901) • National Certificate: Tourism: Guiding (US 17174) • National Certificate: Nature Conserva- tion: Resource Guardianship (US 59389)


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