2018 WESSA Annual Review


is underway regarding upgrading facilities which will greatly improve our product and service offering in addition to enlarging our capacity. Key to this is regular marketing and improving the quality and scope of our products and service. The impact of the centre is best encapsu- lated in the following comments by schools after their visits: “An adventure filled week with tons of in- sights”.

The WESSA Bush Pigs team should be con- gratulated for maintaining high standards and delivering great service to our guests over the past financial year. During this time, WESSA Bush Pigs hosted its 30th anniver- sary celebration with representatives from schools who have supported the centre over the years, notably Dunvegan Primary who have visited for 25 years. Initiatives are under way with local govern- ment and sponsors to fund schools from rural communities in the district to afford learners and teachers opportunities in environmental education that have until now not been possi- ble. Our aim is to secure funding from various sources so that the centre can begin playing an active role in impacting local schools and communities. WESSA Bush Pigs as an education centre is at the cusp of significant growth. Planning

“A once in a lifetime experience”.

“Once again children have thoroughly en- joyed the experience. Educational and worthwhile”


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