Exercises for Arthritis 1. Quiet walking (Paul Brown, PT - Below/Left) – This exercise helps eliminate unnecessary impact on your joints; specifically your knees and back. Start with your knees slightly bent, we call this “soft knees”. While maintaining “soft knees”, begin walking with the foot hitting the ground heel first, then rolling to the toes to push off, as if you are trying to sneak up on someone. Start slowly, you can speed up once you have the hang of it. 2. Neck extension with self traction ( Kirsten Bombardier, PT - Below/Right) – This exercise will help you increase neck mobility with less pain. Interlock your fingers behind your neck. Apply gently

pressure upward at the base of your skull. Tilt your head back slowly to look toward the ceiling and back to neutral. Repeat 10 times a few times a day.

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