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Jtec Award-Winning Floor Lock and Tongue and Floor Lock Combo


Jtec Alligator Hitch

Jtec received a Product of the Year Honorable Mention in 2016 for our rugged Cart Floor Lock. It bolts securely to carts and pressure-engages with the floor with a simple press of a foot pedal. It disengages just as easily. Used with our popular spring-loaded tongue as a combo, it disengages as soon as the tongue is lowered into towing position. Pair this tongue and Floor Lock with our Alligator Hitch (right) to connect your carts in trains in seconds!

Combo Hitch with 2” Ball

Conveyance Products

Roller Transfer Carts

Refuse Container Easy Tilt Dumpster Cart Use this light-duty Dumpster Cart as a part of your CarryMore “A” size products in a train or by itself. Holds 1.1 cubic yards of light waste or trash. Not recommended for heavy metal waste. Forkable from latching end. 1,000 lb. weight capacity.

Lineside Roller Transfer Stations

Lineside Docking Stations Many options available. Shown here is a lineside docking station for a push transfer cart. Our flatbeds are pushed onto these static stations and are “locked” into place to accommodate robot, conveyance or AGV activity. Ask us about our successes with designs for these solutions.


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