Jtec Solutions Catalog 2020

Hands-Free Autonomous Materials Movement

Works with any AGV

Dual Bay Carts

Single Bay Carts

® About CarryMatic : ® Jtec Industries’ CarryMatic Autonomous Materials Movement Systems are designed to increase safety and productivity and reduce labor costs while moving materials in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the world. ® Trains of CarryMatic carts are pulled by fully-integrated ® Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Jtec’s CarryMatic supervisory software directs carts to pick up and drop off materials to and from lineside stations along planned routes. Train lengths are determined by factors such as cart payload, AGV towing capacity, aisle widths and planned routes. ® Utilizing powered conveyor rollers, standard CarryMatic carts and lineside stations can move loads up to 4,000 lbs. Carts are available in either single-bay or dual-bay configurations. Additional options for lineside stations include gravity conveyor stations and conveyor roller push carts.

® CarryMatic train of carts unloads bulk boxes at lineside stations in this warehouse.

® CarryMatic lineside station with optional rail guard in place.


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