Jtec Solutions Catalog 2020

How it works – one example:

® CarryMatic train emerges from supermarket area loaded with parts for the line.

Train stops at a lineside docking station where loads are auto transferred via powered rollers off of carts onto manual roller carts (or conveyor lines) for next steps.

® CarryMatic Dual Cart

Operator receives load from train onto gravity roller cart secured at a lineside docking station.

® CarryMatic Gravity Lineside Station

Operator easily moves load on a gravity roller cart to nearby workstation where parts are to be consumed.

® CarryMatic Powered Lineside Station

® Empty CarryMatic train now continues on to a stretchwrap station and receives finished goods to be taken to shipping area.

CarryMatic train aligns perfectly with lineside gravity stations in shipping area to unload contents.


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