Jtec Solutions Catalog 2020

About Mother Carts

® Our flagship materials “carriers”, Jtec CarryMore Mother Carts, securely carry Daughter Carts off the floor during transport, saving Daughter Cart caster wear and minimizing flutter noise. These rugged models are sturdy, yet simple. Our patented all-mechanical designs have earned the praise of our customers and industry reviewers for their ergonomic ease of operation and longevity. We offer two proven steering options, Center Steer and Quad Steer, for these systems:

Center-Steer (2,000 lbs. Max) Steering Options

Center-Steer Bi-Directional Loading (2,000 lbs. Max) Load or unload from either side of the aisle with these Mother Cart models. New ® center dual-latching Elemate 2.0 secures CarryMore Daughter Carts atop Mother Carts when transporting and protects the Daughter Cart from accidentally being “pushed through” to the opposite side when loading and unloading. These carts can hold up to 2,000 lb. loads and do require smooth floors to function well. ® These CarryMore Center-Steer Mother Carts are a newer version of the design that originally elevated Jtec as the leading manufacturer of Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart Systems in the US. With two rigid center-mounted casters absorbing most of the Daughter Cart load weight, and one forward and one rear swivel caster aiding steering and stability, these carts can be rotated to be pulled in opposite directions for either side loading with up to 2,000 lb. loads. They trail expertly and they are built to last - most original units are still used.

Quad-Steer (4,000 lbs. Max)

® CarryMore Quad-Steer Models are built for hauling bigger loads in smaller aisles. With casters on each corner of every quad-steer cart, our Quad-Steer Tight-Turn Technology allows for superior follow patterns in a train. The massive weight- carrying capabilities (4,000 lbs.) of these models make them one of our most popular Mother Cart designs. This Quad-Steer style can be rotated to be pulled in opposite directions for either side loading and unloading.

Dual Quad-Steer (4,000 lbs. Max)

The versatility of Jtec dual-cart carrying Mother Carts is making these designs more and more popular. Each Dual Mother Cart can be used to transport two smaller Daughter Carts at once, or one larger Cart for bigger items. This style can be rotated to be pulled in opposite directions for either side loading and unloading with up to 4,000 lb. loads. Use in a train to instantly double your productivity!

Elemate – Jtec’s Patented Technology TM

Our patented, all-mechanical loading systems have separated Jtec from all other tugger cart systems in the industry. “Elemate” is a term combined from “Elevate and Mate”. Elemate 1.0 is a side-mounted loading and unloading system. Elemate 2.0 is a center-mounted system and Elemate 3.0 is an electrical lift system. For Elemate1.0 and 2.0, a series of angled cam rollers help guide Daughter Cart wings onto the Mother Carts until they are securely latched and locked into place for transport. This same feature allows for a unique gravity release action, for an ergonomically safe, controlled release off these carriers. With Elemate 3.0, operators simply push Daughter Carts into Mother Cart frames and an electrical lift raises and lowers them when needed. All Elemate systems help reduce caster wear and tear when transporting Daughter Carts.


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