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® Choosing the Right CarryMore Mother Cart There are many questions to be answered when it comes to choosing the right CarryMore Mother Carts for ® your tugging fleet. Please consider the following areas with your Jtec Account Manager:

Aisle Widths and Routes

Cargo Weight and Size Floor Conditions and Ramps ® CarryMore Mother Carts are designed to hold from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs., total weight, including Daughter Cart weight. If you are tugging loads of 1,500 lbs. or less, you should consider our Center Steer Mother Carts. 2,000 lb. loads or more should be paired with Quad-Steer Mother Cart designs. Talk to us about the height of your loads to ensure an adequate base is considered to secure them. Consider using our MoveMore-40 Heavy Cart Mover if you intend to push loads of more than 1,600 lbs., as most facilities have push/pull weight limits without motorized assist devices to help you push carts onto or away from delivery cart trains. ® Our proven CarryMore equipment has been used in all types of conditions in facilities throughout the world. Floor conditions impact wear and tear and caster life more than anything else. Noise levels will increase with poor floor conditions but the products still work like champs. Our TCHA-20, however, is one model that will require almost flawless floors as it has a 5/8” clearance. Discuss any ramps that will be a part of your route so that apex angle situations are minimized. if you plan on using those. If you are setting up your routes and have the flexibility to set the aisle widths, you should design them at 8’ - 10’ for one-way tugging traffic and 12’ - 14’ for two-way aisle traffic. Most ® of our CarryMore trains can turn a 360 in 14’ widths or less. Remember to plan for room to remove Daughter Carts from the Mother Carts. Dual-bay carts are longer than single-bay carts and take more room to turn, so talk to us about your turning restrictions in your facility

Tugging Indoors or Outdoors

When your tugging operations transition from indoors to outdoors, a change of wheel or caster may be needed. Always discuss your routes with your Jtec Account Manager. We do have solutions for outdoor usage that are working very well in current customer locations.

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® CarryMore Mother Cart Quick Reference Chart

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