CCTV can be used to monitor dormice and study behaviour in dormouse boxes without disturbance

It is possible to buy dormouse boxes ready made with cameras, but these are expensive and not suitable for typical conservation scenarios with 50 or more boxes.

The method trialled with the Woodland trust is described below.

• The equipment consists of a modified lid. This is a typical dormouse box lid with a specially designed camera box added (Registered design).

• It is easy to slide the original box lid out and slide the modified lid in place with very little, if any, disturbance to the dormouse.

• If dormice are present the modified lid can be connected to the recorder box.

• The recorder box can be positioned 5 or more metres from the dormouse box and can be checked without causing any disturbance.

• At regular intervals, a test monitor can be used to check for dormouse activity in those boxes with modified lids.

• Depending on dormouse activity, the recorder box can be moved between cameras.

• Several recorder boxes can be used, but the method described reduces costs.

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