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TASTING NOTES Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Pinot Noir 27.00 01335Y, 750 mL Aconcagua Valley, Chile $

TASTING NOTES Sartori Ripasso Valpolicella 21.99 08435Z, 750 mL Veneto, Italy $

TASTING NOTES Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel 22.49 NOW R0084Z, 750 mL California, United States $

The grapes for this wine are sourced from Aconcagua Costa vineyard, located 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The climate is Mediterranean, but cold weather conditions occur due to the closeness to the sea. This is an exceptional Pinot Noir with notes of crushed cherries, rosehip, mulberries and red currants with hints of lavender and spice. The wine is medium bodied, with a juicy palate of fresh red fruit and earthy notes. Well structured and elegant, with intense mineral notes. Food pairing – Salmon, roasted chicken and lamb.

Sartori Ripasso is a wine based on the Corvina grape, with the addition of Rondinella and Molinara rounding out the blend. The secret to Ripasso’s rich flavour is the way it is produced. The Ripasso method is a technique achieved by the re-passing of the Valpolicella wine on the dried grape skins of Amarone. The Valpolicella remains in contact with the pomace of the Amarone for 10 days, during this time a second fermentation occurs. Sartori Ripasso has red berry and cherry aromas, with dark fruit, spice and raspberry notes on the palate. Serve with stews, red meat and aged cheese.

Warm, sunny days and cool nights in San Fransisco Bay, California provide unique growing conditions to produce robust red wine with great intensity. Ancient vines yield fewer grapes with great character. The grapes are hand picked and the wine is aged in oak for 10 months. Spicy aromas of vanilla and nutmeg with dark berries, coffee and chocolate on the palate. Serve this zinfandel with anything barbecued.



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