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Michaelmas Term 2017

Welcome to the Graduate Schemes & Internships Event , one of a number of major events we host throughout the year covering a very wide range of career interests. Full details about these events, plus careers evenings, start-here sessions, employer-led skills sessions and employer presentations can be found in our diary, available on our website via www.careers.cam.ac.uk . To make the most of your visit today, we recommend that you: • Keep an open mind - many of the firms here today take applications from any discipline, or are looking to provide training for students with no prior experience in their field. Talk to organisations you may not have already considered as many have roles in different areas of the business. • Study this programme to identify the firms you would particularly like to meet. All have graduate vacancies starting next autumn, many have internships and other work experience opportunities next summer. You can search and save details of any vacancies (not just of the organisations listed in this programme) by visiting Vacancies & Opportunities on www.careers.cam.ac.uk . • Use this opportunity to raise topics that may not be covered on websites or in recruitment brochures and that are important to you, e.g. pay, work/life balance, the relevance or otherwise of your own background. • Make sure you meet as many of the organisations with whom you want to talk as you can – move on and return later if there is a queue of students waiting to talk with a particular employer. • Do your research. Employers regularly comment to us on the high number of poorly researched applications and applications that are too generic. They find these easy to reject. Spend time researching your chosen employers and make well researched, well targeted applications. Fewer, better applications are more likely to gain success through to the interview stage than simply applying to everything and anything. • Utilise the quick query/CV check area - Careers Advisers in attendance all afternoon, as are members of the International Student Team. • Make a note of the people you meet – you can mention them as first-hand sources of information in your covering letter if you decide to apply. • Consider attending other Careers Events such as the Engineering, Science & Technology Event on 9 and 10 November and/or those held in the Lent Term. • After the event, keep up to date with the latest news. One way to do this is by signing up for CamCareers , our targeted careers information email service. Do this via the ‘most popular’ list on our homepage www.careers.cam.ac.uk - a wide range of information/sector choices are available.

Gordon Chesterman

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