Absolutely Abbey

Rachel S E Dent, Head of The Abbey

I am delighted to launch the first edition of our Absolutely Abbey publication. The articles and commentary have been authored by current staff in the Junior and Senior School, with the aim of providing you with an insight into why we teach the way we do and how we guide our pupils through inquiry-based learning, teamwork and collaboration.

Our highly qualified, committed teachers play a key role in instilling the values from a young age that shape our pupils as individuals and equip them with valuable skills for the future. Our innovative approach to pedagogy provides a solid foundation for our girls to make the most of their potential and achieve a high level of educational attainment. I am proud of the expertise of our staff, not just for their specialist knowledge of their subjects, but also for the positive relationship they form with their students: one of mutual respect and a shared passion for learning. But at the heart of the School’s ongoing success lies the partnership of teachers, parents and pupils working collaboratively. We encourage our pupils to be curious, driven and entrepreneurial, to push boundaries and to challenge preconceived ideas. We want them to be resilient, yet adaptable, to develop the skills to overcome challenges and to have the courage to forge their own unique path in the world. We foster an international mind-set among our students by adopting the philosophies of the International Baccalaureate framework throughout the School. This global outlook stems not only from the breadth of academic subject matter the girls pursue, but also from embedding the concept of ‘service’. Through volunteering programmes, charitable initiatives in the UK and abroad, as well as outreach work with partner schools and local organisations, we encourage girls to appreciate the value of supporting others and to be mindful of those who are less fortunate. By supporting our pupils on their journey as they grow into confident and empowered young women, we hope they will pass on their love of learning and their compassion for others throughout their lives. The world is an incredibly dynamic and exciting place - we want Abbey students to embrace every opportunity it offers them with open arms.

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Foreword Rachel S E Dent Head of The Abbey

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Absolutely Abbey

ISSUE ONE - SUMMER 2019 // 3

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