The Norway Current October 12, 2016

VOLUME 12 ISSUE 41 2016

October 12, 2016

EST. 1885

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North Central Volleyball ...... See page 11

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. Sarah Granquist was crowned Queen and Ryan Plunger was crowned King during the pre-game activities at North Centrals Friday Night homecoming game..

Photos and Article submitted by Stacy Miron

Visitors wandered through the Viking village Saturday morning during the Leif Erikson Festival in downtown Norway. They were greeted enthusiastically by Viking townsfolk who are part of an organization refered to as the SCA, which stands for The Society for Creative Anachronism. Richly dressed in period clothing, members encouraged visitors to ask questions about their crafts and roles displayed throughout the camp. Women tended to a wood fire kitchen while cooking food for the village residents and a young man chopped wood near the back. Table top looms were near by with weaving projects in the making and warriors, male and female, tended to their weapons and armor around the perimeter. Carved wooden chairs and painted tables were set under tents and all of the players engaged in their crafts in an everyday communal setting that reflected what a typical day in medieval Scandinavia might look like. Pamela Trask, whose character name

Pictured at left: Homecoming Queen, Sarah Granquist, reigned over the game!

is "Yzabeau", was seated behind a spinning wheel practicing Naalbinding and explaining the methods and types of materials used in doing so. She used a long flat, but slightly curved, piece of reindeer bone as a needle and demon- strated an Oslo stitch. Naalbinding (needle-binding) is a single needle fabric creation technique that predates both knitting and crocheting. The dense stitch patterns and the fabric were able to keep the wearer dry and warm through some very harsh conditions. Another member displayed her craft of wire weaving. She and several of the others wore her intricately woven necklaces and bracelets. Some of the arts practiced by members include: armoring, calligraphy and illumination, ceramics and pottery, cooking, dancing, fiber arts, gardening

W ALK T O S CHOOL The Norway Current/Menominee County News Dori Carlson

Photos and Article submitted by Stacy Miron

and herbalism, heraldry, leather working, medieval games, metalworking, music, needlework, poetry, literature, and woodworking. Martial activities play a large role as well. Armored combat, fencing, archery, weapons, equestrian activities, and youth (boffer) combat are exhibited at various types of supervised tournaments and competitions while always upholding standards of safety. Art exhibits, Royal Court, workshops, and grand feasts are what SCA participants regularly enjoy throughout the country. The villagers put forth a lot of effort into bringing their chosen personas to life, but what was most impressive was that each member had the freedom to choose their character and develop relevant skills within a supportive and encouraging setting. Combining education, passion, and history within an environment dedicated to helping its members flourish in their roles as well as reaching out to the community at large, the SCA invites every person it reaches to develop something special and unique to themselves while contributing a valuable service for their community.

Article and Photo courtesy of Norway-Vulcan Schools

It was a wonderful morning to walk to school today. It is National Walk to School Day and students from Norway Schools went walking with Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Meneghini, and Mr. Trudeau. Shown here from left to right is Mr. Trudeau's group.1st row Kellan Amundson, Second row Rose Bekkala Hayden Amundson, Landon Amundson, Benny Bekkala Tyler Spring, Toby Verley, Cade Pokovich, Last row Mckinlee Peterson, Alex Ortman, Nolan Amundson, Cole Paris, Gabe Ochs, and Chloe Pokovich. 605 Saginaw St. Norway, MI 49870 906-563-5212 fax:906-563-5904 email:

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