Samuel Moton


H ello, everyone, my name is Samuel Moton a.k.a Dr. Author Dynamight Abdur Razzaq, and I am the author of Lady Diane’s Address and the founder of, which is a broadcast from the top of the chocolateMilkyWay (Chocolate City)where sequences and episodes are combined to bring every participant a grand experience. Lady Diane’s Address will be by far one of the greatest stories that you will ever read— meaning, these sequences and episodes are of a superlative nature and are a special design to educate and entertain. For those who are able to decipher this great story and take it to mind and heart will without question be on another level once the contents take root in the soil of their soul. This superlative entertainment and education can only be equated with itself, meaning, that Lady Diane’s Address is in a

class all by itself and sets the precedence for change and reform. If ever there was a time that we all needed to be reminded of the human reality and our freedom is now, meaning our human reality must be at the forefront of all agendas and this can only happen with a clear perception and pure knowledge. We are not an uncontrolled species without purpose, andwe will all be held accountable for what we know and do. Our freedom is slightly tainted in this democracy, meaning that as long as you are being deluded by the norm and misappropriating your human purpose and making no waves against the evil rule of this evil empire and those abroad, then you are allowed to have the freedom that they have designed for you.


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 45

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