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Lady Diane’s Address and my other six books that I wrote in their matrix, reached a conclusion that I was nothing more than a Dr. Author and that my style of writing was nothing more than a prescription for those who suffer from a medical condition call IBC. This is a psychological condition that prohibits an individual from maintaining their mental balance, because the chemical in these subjects, limbic system, lay dormant due to lack of pure entertainment, and the only way that they can be released is to be stimulated through a methodology called psychotherapeutic reading. There is no cure for IBC but it can be treated, so you see I’m no longer just writing books, but prescriptions also— Boom! Now for those who do not suffer from this condition, I am just going to blow your whole mind… Lady Diane’s Address is a book that you must have in your tangible collection. It can be purchased in paperback from the Dr. Author directly. Send money order to Samuel Moton P.O. Box 7094 Washington D.C.20032, $25.00 if you live in the U.S. and $45.00 outside of the U.S. This great story is also available on E-book, on Amazon’s Kindle, and The download is $5.00, please buy it fromme at, Amazon are billionaires and it would really benefit me and my family if you purchase the book from me, but if you have to buy it from Amazon then handle your business. After you finish Lady Diane’s Address you might want to check out Swimming In

Mudd , which is also available on E-Book, on, and on Amazon’s Kindle. To purchase the paperback from me is the same price as Lady Diane’s Address. Once you are on, you will see three horizontal lines in the upper left- hand corner. Hit that and it will take you to Swimming In Mud. Enjoy your reading and I hope you enjoyed your experience. Please email me with your review at, or leave a comment on Have a safe and relevant new year.


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