1st United Credit Union Online Banking Guide


Make Payment

Making a Payment

Make your loan payments online using one of three payment methods under Make Payment.

Transfer Payment To make a payment from another 1st United account or a linked external account, click on Transfer Payment . 1. Choose the From and To accounts and the Amount of your payment. 2. If desired, check the box to “Make this a recurring transaction” and choose the frequency and schedule the date. 3. Click the Make Payment button. Automated Payment To automate your payment from 1st United or another financial institution, click on Automated Payment . 1. Complete the Automated Payment Transfer Authorization form. 2. Click the Submit button. Pay with Debit Card ($) To make a one-time payment using your debit card, click on Pay with Debit Card ($ ) and select the loan. 1. Add a new debit card to get started. You can add multiple debit cards. The system will store the debit card information for future use. 2. Choose the debit card you want to use and click the Submit button. 3. Complete your payment amount and enter your CVV number. 4. If you’d like to receive an email confirmation, enter your email address and click the Continue button. 5. Verify your payment information, agree to the terms and conditions and click the Confirm button.

Make Payment: Making a Payment

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