2017/18 Innovations

For the Lapp Group, innovation means future-oriented solutions for our customers. We are continuously developing Lapp products, system solutions, and services to meet the changing needs of our customers. Automation and networking technology continue to play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, especially mechanical and plant engineering. Lapp developed the ETHERLINE ® TRAY CAT.5e to meet the continually demanding requirements of Industrial Ethernet cable in these environments. Its robust construction and power limited tray (PLTC) rating allows for networking capability where routing through a cable tray is necessary. We set standards of safety, quality, and functionality. In food & beverage operations, safety is paramount. Lapp has a long history of helping manufacturers keep these areas as clean and germ-free as possible through innovative products that are designed to resist bacteria and other contaminants. EPIC ® ULTRA housings are nickel-plated die-cast zinc which makes them resistant to corrosion from detergents found in food & beverage processing plants. When installed as complete units, they are UL 50E certified for installation in NEMA 4, 4X, and 12 enclosures. In addition, the housings are electrically conductive and capable of virtually eliminating EMI. EPIC ® ULTRA is the total solution for both food & beverage and electrical interference requirements. With machine designs becoming more compact, more must get done with less. The EPIC ® MH series allows engineers to consolidate multiple connection points into a single connector. The system’s modularity enables the installation of cables to fulfill the widest variety of functions including power, signal, and data with the fewest number of connectors. Lapp has also developed multi-cable entry systems for wherever lots of cables have to be inserted into an extremely tight space for a secure connection between machinery and plant. SKINTOP ® MULTI makes an impression with its compact design and space-saving arrangement on the control cabinet. Innovative technology for PUR cable. In order to produce a cable that is as round and stable under pressure as possible, the jacket of control cables is mostly ‘press’ extruded along the bunch of conductors under high pressure. In the process, the gaps – known as interstices – are filled with jacketing material. Using this technology for polyurethane- jacketed cables is common but makes it hard to strip the finished cable. Lapp’s answer to this installation challenge was to develop the ÖLFLEX ® 409 P with an innovative functional layer. This layer provides improved stripping characteristics and reduced damage to the conductor insulation, which saves time, cost and material waste.


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