2017/18 Innovations

Servo motors and drives are fundamental building blocks for automation. Electric drives are found in a range of complex processes in industrial applications. Servo drives are purpose-designed to meet challenging requirements for the precision and dynamics of the system or application. ÖLFLEX ® SERVO 7TCE servo cable is the solution to long distance cable installations. Due to its UL TC-ER rating, ÖLFLEX ® SERVO 7TCE is permitted to run in cable trays with exposed final connection to equipment. As a result, installations no longer require the use of expensive, labor-intensive conduit or multiple cable types in order to adhere to NEC code. XLPE insulation is an electrical superstar. Insulation material with poor dielectric properties can break down over the lifetime of the cable, resulting in increased capacitance and voltage drops. XLPE insulation is an excellent dielectric material that insulates the conductors to minimize current leakage and capacitance. Lapp’s complete solution increases your machine’s efficiency. Properly installing servo motors & drives requires technical know-how and the right components to minimize EMC issues and reduce downtime. Lapp’s range of servo cables, glands, and connectors are specially designed to create reliable connections for your servo installation. Save time and money by increasing your machine’s overall efficiency with Lapp’s entire servo cabling offering.


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