DGI Prefinished all together catalog

Plant Offerings

Wks Avail 11, 13, 15, 17 Only

Begonia Hiemalis

Boston Fern

Cordyline Red Sensation Pink Passion (shown below) Burgundy


Canna Cannova

Euphorbia Euphoric White

Fern Assortment Each 10 Pk Tray contains: True Boston (4 each) Variegated Brake Fern (3 each) Maidenhair (3 each)

Solenia Apricot Cherry


Beedance Painted Red Beedance Red Stripe Popstar

Bronze Scarlet Lemon Red Shades Rose Yellow

Wks 45-50 ONLY For 4.33” - 10 Pack Tray

Barkos Blitz Britt Dark Carneval Clara Dragone Nadine Nelly Netja Dark Vermillon Red

Appleblossom Deep Rose Deep Salmon Orange Pink Red Rose Petticoat White Yellow

Dark Pink Dusty Rose Light Pink Light Yellow Orange Red Imp Salmon Coral Velvet Red


Calibrachoa Candy Bouquet



Allison Patricia Arroyo Grande Aretes Upright

Chameleon Blueberry Scone Cherry Banana Lavender Sorbet Pink Passion Pink Sorbet Sunshine Berry

Kwik Kombo Callie Color Wheel Cherry Blossom Fire and Ice Grape Expectations Night in Pompeii Pink Lemonade

Trixi Cherry Kiss Crazy For Crayons Double Delight

Autumnale Blacky Blue Eyes Dark Eyes Lena Marinka Southgate Swingtime

Jollies Nancy Jollies Nantes Rio Grande (shown below)

Double Date Geisha Girl Liberty Bell Lollipop Nightfall Old Glory


Belleconia Rose Salmon Snow Soft Orange

Beauvilia Lemon Red Salmon White

Dark Red Orange Pink Red Yellow

Plum-tastic Royal Gold


Dark Blue Orange

Neo Pink Neo Purple Neo Rose Neo Royal Blue 17 Neo Salmon Pink+Eye Neo Violet+Eye (shown below) Neo White Neo White+Yellow Eye Neo Yellow Neo Yellow+Red Vein Dbl Blue Dbl Cmp Chiffon

Gerbera Maxi Yellow Black Center Orange Black Center Pink Black Center Fireball Black Center

Grasses Red Rubrum Penn Fireworks (shown below)

Sanguna Moody Blues Southwestern Summer

Purple with a Purpose Strawberry Shortcake

Pink Dark Eye Pink Light Eye Pure Yellow Vampire (shown below) Cmp Blue

T Rex


Bonfire Orange California Sunlight

First Blush Painters Palette Ruby Slippers St Nick


Eyecatcher Red Black Center Eyecatcher Purple Black Center

Btrfly Dk Red Lavender White Lilac on Purple Magenta White Orange (shown right) Pink White Super Trouper

Purple (shown right) Red White Scarlet Red Silver Pink Velvet Red Velvet White White (shown right)

Fiery Orange Marshmallow

Cmp Dark Blue Cmp Hot Pink Cmp Purple Cmp Pink (shown below) Cmp Red Cmp Red Dark Cmp Salmon Red Eye Cmp Safran 17 Cmp White Neo Cherry Red Neo Coral +Red Eye Neo Dp Yellow (shown below) Neo Lavender Blue Neo Light Blue Neo Orange+Red Eye 17

Geranium Citronella

Bossa Nova

Crimson Flame Dark Red Hot Pink Lavender Rose Pink Flame Scarlet Calliope MD

Orange Pink Glow Pure White (shown right)

Red (shown right) Rose Salmon Shades

Dbl Cmp Pink Dbl Cmp Red Dbl Cmp Rose Chai Dbl Cmp White Dbl Deep Yellow Dbl Lemon Dbl Magenta Dbl Pink 17 Dbl Pink Vein Dbl Purple (shown below)




Coral Coral Salmon Deep Red Fire Hot Coral Lavender Imp. Orange


Silver Nickel Vine

Unbelievable First Kiss

Unstoppable Uprt Fire Uprt Salmon Uprt White

Deep Red (shown below) Hot Pink Pink (shown below) White

Happy Thoughts Mrs Pollock Vancouver Centennial Wilhelm Langguth Variegated

Lucky Strike 17 Miss Montreal Tweetie Pie

Dorotheanthus Mezzo Trailing Red

Pink Rose



Bandana Cherry Lantana




Vinca Vine

Americana Bright Red Cherry Rose Coral Dark Red Light Pink Splash Orchid Pink Red Rose Mega Splash Salmon Violet White White Splash Rocky Mountain Dark Red Deep Rose Lavender Light Pink Magenta Orange Pink Red Royal Red Salmon

Patriot Berry Parfait Bright Pink Bright Red Bright Violet Cherry Rose Cranberry Red Evening Glow Lavender Blue

Sunpatiens Compact Blush Pink Coral Pink Deep Rose Electric Orange Fire Red Hot Coral Lilac Neon Pink


Phloxy Lady

Summer Wave Bouquet

Variegated (shown below) Maculata Wojo

Lavender Red Imp. Rose White

Cherry Red Hot Pink Purple Purple Sky White

Red Rose Pink Salmon

Cherry Sunrise Lemon Zest Light Yellow Orange Peach Pink Red Imp. Rose White

Blue Dp Blue Dp Rose Gold White

Salmon Chic Salmon Frills Soft Pink Tickled Pink Watermelon White


Night Sky


Verbena Blue Blue Eye Lanai

Orange Orchid Pink Red

Orange Papaya

Red Red Star Royal Purple with Eye Scarlet with Eye Strawberry and Cream White Vintage


Lotus Vine


Blue Denim Bright Eye Bright Pink Candy Cane Deep Pink Deep Purple Early Dark Red Lavender Star Magenta Peach Purple Star

Royal Magenta Tropical Rose White New Guinea Impatiens

Bicolor Pink Red White

Parrot’s Beak

Scarlet White

Bitter Lemon Black Mamba

Moonstruck Passion Punch Pink Frills Pulse Razzmatazz Red Blues Sparky Improved Star Jubilee Starlight Blue Stonewashed Swiss Dancer Terracotta Twilight Blue Twilight Lime Twilight Red

Blackberry Cheesecake Bouquet Burgundy Star Cherry Cheesecake Cloud No. 9 Good Night Kisses Kermit Purple Knight Rider Imp Limy Lucky Lilac Mahogany Queen Mandeville

Twister Amethyst Twister Burgundy Twister Purple

Super Sonic

Royal Candy Cane Candy Red Dk Burgundy Dk Red Dk Salmon Lavender Blue

Dark Salmon Flame (shown right) Hot Pink Lavender (shown right) Lilac Magenta Orange Ice

Pastel Pink Pink (shown right) Purple Red Sweet Cherry White

Twister Pink Twister Red

Light Pink Pink Salmon Scarlet Red White Red Eye


Violet White

Wks Avail 13 & 15 Only

Maniac Lilac Maniac Pink Midnight Moon

Asiatic Lily Orange Yellow

Calla Lily Pink Yellow


Helichrysum White Licorice



Scaevola Surdiva

Sempervivum Silverline

Each 10 pack tray contains: Black Olive (1 each) Candy Apple (1 each) Cocoa Mint (1 each) Fall Festival (1 each) Limeade (1 each)

Bronze Bicolor Cool Purple Dark Pink Lemon Lilac Orange Flare Purple Rioja Red Sepia Soft Pink

Sunset White Yellow Yellow 15 Cascata Pink

White Purple

Blue Violet Classic Blue Classic Light Blue

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Ivy Hedera

Freesia Yellow Pink

Caladium Red White Pink

Cascata Purple Cascata White Supreme Lilac Supreme Pink Bicolor Supreme White

Classic Pink Fashion Pink Light Blue White Imp

English (shown below) Glacier

Peach Parfait (1 each) Silver Streak (1 each) Plum Crazy (2 each) Watermelon (1 each)

Succulents Mohave Assortment Sedona Assortment

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