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Manual J / Load Calculation Class

P urpose: To communicate and learn basic skills of performing a Manual J Load calculation as the basis of proper sizing of equipment and duct design to deliver maximum comfort and energy efficiency to homeowners. Rationale: Traditionally, residential heating and air conditioners have used square footage defaults to size equipment and the resulting duct for a house. That system worked but not efficiently. Frequently equipment was oversized with resulting short cycle, reduced comfort, and higher utility bills, both gas and electric. Code, both Energy and Mechanical, require that a Manual J load calculation be performed on a house prior to sizing and installation of new systems.


Students of the Manual J classes will 1. Understand concept and application of a. Design Conditions

g. Shading h. Insulation types i. Infiltration Ventilation

m. Duct Loss & Gain n. Role of Duct Blaster o. Role of Blower Door p. Role of Encapsulated Attics q. Role of Encapsulated Crawl Spaces

b. R factor c. U factor d. Effective R & U e. SHGF f. Direction

j. Foundations k. Knee Walls l. Internal Gains

2. Be able to successfully

a. Prepare a simple “manual” Manual J Load Calculation

b. Use ACCA Excel spread sheet to prepare a moderately complex Manual J load calculation

Materials Required:

1. Furnished Materials a. Manual J8 AE

Residential Load Calculations, Abridged, Version 1.2, Hank Rutkowski

b. Manual J8 AE

Comes with Excel Spreadsheet

c. Simple calculator 2. Student Furnished Materials (These items are required to successfully complete the course.) a. Lap top computer with Microsoft Excel installed b. 3 prong (grounded) extension cord Meals & Snacks Morning Snacks, Coffee, Water (furnished) 1 st & 2 nd day Lunch (on site) (furnished) 1 st & 2 nd day Afternoon Snacks, Water, Soft Drinks (furnished) 1 st & 2 nd day Dinner (on your own) 1 st night Class Tuition & Fees Association Member Tuition Membership Discount Net Cost to Company 1 st student $350.00 $200.00 $150.00 2 nd student $250.00 No additional discount $250.00 Non-Member Tuition Discount Net Cost to Company 1 st student $350.00 0 $350 2 nd student $250 0 $250 Due to limited space and student interaction, companies may only send two attendees. Lodging: If required, is up to the student and not included in the class tuition and fees Locations: Training Sessions in 8 regions (Dates to be announced)



For more information-------Call or Text: (501) 487-8655 Email: tomhunt@arhvacr.org

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