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The Harefield Project has been driving the innovation agenda by trialling, implementing and sharing a number of solutions. The Site Zone sensors give people working around plant an additional layer of safety by “buzzing” the wearer’s hard hat every time they cross into the exclusion zone. The driver is also notified. The details are logged on an online portal for easy review. Introducing a new fuel called ‘GTL’ (Gas To Liquid) which has reduced fuel consumption, emissions and noise pollution. The Richborough OHL Project has been delivering innovation by successfully trialling and monitoring a comprehensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV, aka drone) survey capability. Working closely with a local SME, the team have been investigating the viability of UAVs and the variable outputs over the past few months to great success. In spite of difficult access, they have managed to de-risk their construction program and highlight potential operational issues well ahead of schedule.

Innovation Incentivisation

a new design, a change to an existing design, a new type of hardware, process; or anything that requires prototyping, testing, learning and adapting can be claimed. However, we do not need to make the decision as we have teamed up with a specialist construction industry accountancy firm called Ayming. They have been holding interviews across the business in all our business units and sectors to understand all the projects and challenges we have been facing. This is refund is based on the cash the Murphy has already spent, a tax free refund straight progress and exciting developments occurring across the global marketplace. Murphy’s Innovation Team were in attendance to share information on our use of Virtual Reality (VR) to improve training and safety. The Safer Structures Workshop is hosted by the University of Manchester, and Murphy’s Innovation Team are working alongside clients, asset owners, regulatory bodies and contractors to challenge the industry standards around the built environment. The Innovation Team were invited along to help shape and develop the Safer Structures agenda, to play our part in ensuring the safety of future developments and large scale complex infrastructure.

to Murphy’s bottom line, allowing us to invest further innovation projects but also help us achieve our 10 year plan ambitions. Our industry is notoriously poor at claiming so we have an opportunity for Murphy to lead the way. Our claims for 2015 have been successfully submitted where we claimed approximately £720,000 , bringing the total for the past two years up to around £1m. The Ayming team are currently working on all the 2016/17 work undertaken with the various teams across the business.

Did you know that by undertaking the work we do the government incentivises companies to claim back anything that is deemed ‘R&D’ or in other words ‘Innovation’? The definition of innovation from the tax- man is: seeking (so we do not have to always be successful) an advance in science or technology, increasing knowledge, where there is uncertainty. This basically means that any time we try something, or do something to try or successfully solve a problem, whether it’s The Enterprise Programme Assurance (EPAT) Team and the Innovation team have been working closely to ensure that every incoming idea is reviewed with the largest possible scope against existing and planned enterprise transformation projects. This collaborative effort removes duplication of work and ideas are developing in the right way, and with the right resources. This ensuring we are Fit to Start, creating solid foundations for some of the developmental work to occur. The International Business Festival brings together thousands of the world’s most ambitious professionals to make cross- industry connections and celebrate the Strategic Innovation

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