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Funded Ideas Click Shift (M2 & M4) Trym Satellite Photography (Group)

GRP and hollow anchors vs. traditional Steel bar anchors (M1)

The second project was proposed by Matt Bellhouse (Geotechnical Manager) to explore the use of satellite data to monitor ground movement, pre, during and post tunnelling as part of the Wessex Water Trym Tunnel. We are also engaging with the Satellite applications catapult which could generate some interesting ideas and build a useful network of suppliers form the SME community. Currently only 1 other equivalent tier 1 contractor is working with the Satellite applications catapult to explore this technology - so this is a good example of Murphy taking a first step in leading innovation in its behaviour.

An internal listing page that reduces waste and avoids unnecessary cost, Click Shift was put forwards by Carla James and developed with the help of Dan Martin. This project is a fantastic example of Murphy’s commitment to delivering projects as efficiently as possible, leveraging the entire Murphy family. Ian Holcroft, Procurement Director, has welcomed the idea into the business: “Click Shift is a fantastic idea which will help support our Ten Year Plan. It’s also extremely important for us to eliminate items going to landfill or waste so it’s a great idea the business should be very pleased to welcome on board.”

This is a pure piece of R&D to explore new types of dowels for sprayed concrete lining. What makes it very exciting is that the client, Network Rail, are supporting these trials which a fantastic behaviour and shows trust towards our knowledge and skills. The trials will be performed ‘in-house’ in KT. Furthermore, we have teamed up with Loughborough University who will be performing the independent testing and review of the capability of these new dowels. If successful this could potentially change our methods of work for these type of refurbishment projects.

128 New Ideas 32 Shared Innovations 7 Business Challenges 5 Innovation Projects Approved M2 Infrastructure North is the most active and engaged business unit to date. This part of the business is leading the way with innovation, and setting a fine example for all to follow.

NEW IDEAS ID-00122: Satellite Monitoring ID-00087: Unmanned Aerial Surveying ID-00139: Tools Top Trumps SHARED INNOVATIONS SI-00046: Pipe Cones SI-00047: Gas-To-Liquid Fuel SI-00048: Virtual Reality Risk Perception

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