Human Resources Policies 2019



As far as is practicable you are expected to arrange medical and dental appointments outside normal working hours. If this is not possible, prior approval for time off should be obtained from your Manager. You may be expected to make up for the loss of time as necessary. If it is not possible to arrange appointments outside of working hours staff are expected to arrange them as early or as late as possible in the working day. You may be asked to show your appointment card.


If you are called to undertake jury service or as a witness in court proceedings, you should inform your Manager immediately. A request for postponement should be made if the absence would seriously interfere with work commitments but this may only be possible if you act immediately. The Firm is under no obligation to continue paying you during jury service or when you are called as a witness. However the Firm may decide to pay you as normal during jury service only, in which case you are expected to claim the maximum daily allowance for loss of earnings from the court. The employer’s declaration of the loss of earnings (Certificate of Loss of Earnings form) will be signed by your Manager. On completion of jury service, the loss of earnings allowance should be refunded to the Firm. If this is not done within 2 weeks from the date of completion of jury service, the sum will be deducted from net salary in the month following completion of jury service. Travel expenses and subsistence should be claimed direct from the court during jury service or when you are called as a witness. In accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996, employees are allowed reasonable unpaid time off to pursue activities associated with their election to public office in positions such as Justice of the Peace, member of the local authority council, a statutory tribunal or governing body of a local authority education establishment. However, before accepting public appointments, employees should consider the demands this will make on their time and discuss this with their Manager. Employees should notify their Manager giving details of any such appointment and the amount of time off which may be required. Each case will be considered individually and unpaid absence may be granted. PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC DUTIES


Requests for unpaid leave should be discussed with your Manager and may be agreed in exceptional circumstances. Unpaid leave is at the discretion of your Manager and may be agreed providing that client work is not disrupted; office procedures are not disrupted; the leave is authorised in advance. The amount of unpaid leave allowed will depend on individual circumstances. Salary deductions for unpaid leave will be made for each day taken.

Absence Policy


Reviewed March 2019

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