What the book is about? I n his autobiography, Jimmy Mosley shares what life was like while living on a plantation in southern Mississippi. His Odyssey from Trials to Triumph! His journey in life took him from living in a “shotgun hut”, on a plantation, to serving at theWhite House. His book, “Outhouse to White House” is a window into the past that everyone can learn from. As a man of color, he was exposed to discrimination, from an early age, but this did not impede his determination to succeed. This Retired Army first sergeant and twenty-year educator found that life is not what one is given, but about self-motivation,

determination, and the willingness to embrace change. He tells how his single parent mother planted strong work ethics in him, starting in the cotton fields in Mississippi. He explains how he overcame Hate with Faith while performing duties at the White House. Jimmy introduces his readers to extreme poverty, racism, a forgotten people living on plantations, and a true commitment. He speaks of his single parent mother and how she used her wisdom to hold the family together during hard times. The author wants his readers to know that there is hope and we as a people should never give up and rely on excuses for not accomplishing that dream or goal.


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 46

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