desire is to persuade each reader to keep the Faith, and realize how blessed they truly are. How is this book different from other books of the same genre? It’s from the heart of a veteran, an educator, a father, and a Believer! It shows each reader what true commitment looks like. It is one thing to talk the talk, but this author has actually walked the walk of Faith. Encouragement is presented in a more practicable way. Because this author is no stranger to challenges and adversity, he is able to share his experiences with a divided nation.

The expected message in this book? The message is to encourage readers to never give-up on that goal or dream, but realize that it’s still possible to overcome great barriers in this country. Know that God will always put that person of influence in your life. It is my very testimony of how God carried me from Outhouse to White House, and to His glory this book is made possible. This message isn’t just for the single parent mother, but to share my mother’s wisdom to the world. What inspired me to write? I felt that my plantation stories needed to be told. And by telling them, many of my students found encouragement. As an educator, I quickly learned that over sixty percent of the student assigned to my JROTC class had come from a single parent household, and that was my connection. After having each student introduce themselves to the class, they then wanted to get to know me. I later learned that the students were more interested in obtaining a relationship, rather than class work. They would complete their class work in record time, just to hear more of my stories. While I actually enjoyed sharing my life, and other teachers wanted to know why the students enjoyed coming to my class and wearing the military uniform. It appeared that my life was something new to them. Maybe it was my having but one wife, one child, and one job. It’s true today; that kids don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. My




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