I n The Presences of Ev i l is 262 pages of horror book that will take you to the edge of your seat and keep you there with its non-stop twists and turns. For a fair warning, better lock up tight, turn on your lamp and prepare to have the hell scared out of you. Deep in Jacksonville Florida lays an evil satanic cult that wants nothing more but to wage war with God and his Christian people. However, their plans are foiled when a would be victim escapes and leads police back to where she was held. Police raid the house but stumbled upon a world filled with with hate, torture and most of all, murder. It’s up to chief of police Mike Walker, and a young FBI agent, Jake Bradshaw, to hunt down the cult and end the killing. But things are never easy when everything you need to know lays in the mind of a mad man who loves to play mind games tic toc time is running out for the chief and the Christians of Jacksonville Florida Passage. “Chief you need to come in here and see this fucking shit! “Just come in here chief you need to see this for yourself!” “Alright! I’m coming goddamn! Jesus fucking Christ I’ve never seen anything like this!” “Deputy you need to block of this room until we have forensics come in here!” “What is it deputy?”

can’t see anyone that deserved to have this much punishment brought down upon them. Whoever killed this family is pure evil. I want the little girl took down, and covered up we don’t want media getting any kind of pictures. In fact, deputy I want you to stand outside. No fucking one gets in here unless I say do you understand!” “Yes, chief. “ This article is dedicated to my loving grandfather Conley Williard Payne (1935- 2018) and to my best friend Richard Vickers (1981-2018).

“Who do you think done this Chief !”


“I haven’t known a fucking clue deputy! I



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