2014-2015 Parental Involvement Handbook


(This form may be copied and distributed as needed.)

2014-2015 Compact

Effective schools are a result of families and school personnel working together to insure that children are successful in school. A compact is an agreement between groups that firmly unite them in a common goal. You are invited to be involved in a partnership with this school. Hand in hand, we will work together to carry out the agreement of this compact.

As a student, I _________________________ will:

Date _____________

Take pride in my school Believe that I can learn and will learn Work cooperatively with my classmates Come to school with my supplies and homework Obey the rules of the school, bus, playground, and lunchroom

As a parent, I __________________________ will:

Date _____________

See that my child arrives at school on time and attends regularly Provide a home environment that encourages my child to learn Insist that all homework assignments are completed Support the school in developing positive behaviors Talk to my child about his/her school activities daily Encourage my child to read at home by monitoring his/her TV viewing time

As a teacher, I _________________________ will:

Date _____________

Believe that all children can learn Show respect for each student and his/her family Come to class prepared to each Help each child grow to his/her fullest potential Establish and maintain an environment conductive to learning Provide meaningful and appropriate classroom and instructional activities Enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently Establish and maintain open lines of communication with the students and the home Seek ways to improve the home school program Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude

As a principal, I ________________________ will:

Date _____________

Believe that all students can learn Show respect for each student and his/her family Enforce school rules fairly and consistently Promote positive communication between the teacher, the student, and the home Foster positive home involvement in school activities Nurture a school environment that is conductive to teaching and learning Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive, productive attitude

Please sign and return this form to your child’s school.

Revised: 2014)


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