The Benefits of Owning A Distributorship


O wning your own distributorship starts you down a path toward a better quality of life and a more rewarding future. You become your own boss and do things your way. You earn more money and create wealth. With iPROMOTEu in your corner and by your side, you’ll spend more time doing what you want to do, and less time doing what you don’t want to do. “After 30 years of working for someone else, I decided to start my own company on a shoestring. It was really difficult. But seven years later, I joined iPROMOTEu. Believe me, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” says Ellen Orne, owner of the iPROMOTEu affiliate, Ellco Promotions. “It’s a fantastic organization, and its financial and office support has allowed me to build my business so much so that I’m one of the top producing affiliates within iPROMOTEu. Because I don’t have to worry

about things like invoicing and tracking orders, I can just focus on selling – which is fabulous.” iPROMOTEu is clearly a superior economic and lifestyle arrangement for industry salespeople who want to own their own distributorship. In closing, iPROMOTEu can help experienced industry salespeople establish their own distribu- torship – quickly, easily and inexpensively. They’ll provide information, resources, FREE consulta- tion and professional services to help you set up your new business so you can be up and running in no time. Also, you can earn substantially more money as an independent distributor affiliated with iPRO- MOTEu than you could earn as a salesperson. In the words of iPROMOTEu Affiliate Art Silverman, “I don’t understand why any salesperson would not become an iPROMOTEu Affiliate.”

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