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BOOKS » Fiction Farewell, Four Waters By Kate Mccord


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In 14 days, the life she knew would end on the streets of Kabul. All Marie needed was a few stamps and signatures—the man- datory paperwork necessary for the Afghan government—and she could hold literacy classes in the rural town of Shektan. Her hope: Afghan women would learn to read. Suddenly, shots resonated. An aid worker killed at an intersec- tion in Kabul. The community scattered. Most decided to say fare- well. Not Marie; she chose to stay, to teach. But she was unaware that this choice would make her a pawn at the center of a local feud. Kidnapping was Marie’s worst fear. She didn’t know treachery was more deadly.



Farewell, Four Waters is based on actual events the author and other aid workers faced in Afghanistan in 2008. See through their eyes the dangers faced globally even today. [MORE]


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