Walter Barthell

and Procedures, 5. Supervision This is where your employees “live” for eight to ten hours per day, so obviously it is very important to them. Only management has the power/money to improve it. It costs a lot of money to create a great work environment. If done correctly, it supports management’s expectations for great performance. Point 4 involves management’s key role of encouraging quality performance from all employees, through proper management/ motivation techniques. As the work environment is related to the “job setting” or “where” the employee works, this section pertains to “the job itself ” or “what” the employee does. If a manager has implemented the first three points of this management model, successfully, all they will have accomplished is having spent company money. Although, I would say that it was money well spent, there must be some sort of return. Competition in today’s marketplace is stronger than ever, causing profit margins to be under pressure. In order to protect margins under these conditions, you must maximize your assets, including your employees. You can no longer afford to employ a person for the use of their “back”, and ignore their “mind”. You must manage the work environment, so that your employees will help you manage the business. Thus, making their individual jobs more challenging and rewarding through participation, which results in a feeling of ownership. Encouraging quality performance is defined by the following five f actors: 1. Challenging Work, 2. Opportunity for Achievement, 3. Recognition, 4. Responsibility, 5. Growth and Development One of the keys to point 4 is that it will only be totally effective if we have done the first three points correctly. If we have hired quality employees, provided them with proper training

and coaching, and given them an excellent work environment, that enhances their opportunity to achieve personal/professional and company goals. We then have the ability to ask them for their head as well as their back. In other words, we have taken care of them and now we expect them to perform at peak levels and be willing to go the extra mile for you and the company. I believe that this is one of the biggest challenges of all, since it is one of the most important keys to being successful. It is a difficult concept for many supervisors to accept, understand and implement, primarily since it involves allowing subordinates to share in some activities that usually are in the domain of the supervisor. Best of luck as you continue your journey to become a great manager and climb your career ladder.


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