New-Tech Magazine | Nov 2022 | Digital Edition

Position Updates at the Speed of Ease Simple, Safety-Ready Position Sensors

Build your next high-speed or motor control position sensor with just a metal target and a printed circuit board. The new LX34070 high-speed inductive position sensor delivers safe, accurate performance with improved noise immunity in a simplified, low-cost package. Offering significant size and weight advantages over magnetic resolvers and Linear Voltage Differential Transducers (LVDTs), the small footprint of the LX34070 reduces overall cost. This robust device is additionally immune to stray magnetic fields, performs at high temperatures and can take long linear measurements with a single sensor. Unlike Hall Effect sensors, the LX34070 operates seamlessly near motors, solenoids and high currents with no loss of precision. Designed for high-reliability and safety-critical motor position sensor applications, the LX34070 includes Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL C) support and signal latency of less than 5 µs at 1 kHz signals, making it an ideal sensing solution for motors, linear encoders and gear positions. Get started with inductive position sensor technology today. Key Features • -40°C to 150°C operation

• Single and Differential outputs • Excellent long-term stability

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