TheChatter - Fall 2016

O Committing To A Safety Mindset By John Batzel [President] Our team here at Carter is a tremendously talented group and I know each and every one of you is dedicated to excellence in your daily work, to providing On Brand customer service and, of course, to doing it all safely. At times, however, human nature allows us to gradually rationalize risky behaviors into accepted practice in our daily routines. Some common examples include not wearing proper gloves or other personal protective equipment (PPE), not using deliberate 3-points of contact when mounting or dismounting trucks and equipment, or putting some part of our person in the line of fire of hazardous energy. Although all of these are risky behaviors, if we complete the job without getting hurt, we begin to rationalize these actions as acceptable and we may repeat the risk on the next job. It’s important to recognize and understand that this is not safe behavior and it’s probably a principle reason we still experience 20 recordable injuries and a number of lost time injuries throughout the year. Winston Churchill once said, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” While human nature can present each of us with challenges when it comes to making safe decisions, these challenges are winnable with the right mindset. Keep yourself in control of your safety, whether at home or at work. Make safety planning part of your daily tasks either through written or mental Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s). Follow through on the little things like PPE and 3-points of contact and don’t succumb to incremental rationalization. Your commitment to a safety mindset allows us to continue delivering world-class performance to our customers.

Wishing you all a great and safe day!


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