Gardeco Objects - new collection SS23

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'Take part in our art', which is the leitmotif of the house, perfectly translates its desire to introduce art in your home. Their collections combine tradition and modernity, creation and production, consolidation and innovation.

Mater - Sofia Speybrouck

To depend - Ann Vrielinck

Bowl drop diagonal cinza - Ca d'Oro

Fruteira Casca Natural - Cores Da Terra

Vase canoe, vase 96, vase 92 - Ca D'Oro

Masked soul - Monica Siau

Unfolding gratitude - Kris Demuelenaere

Balanced - Marc Caelenberghe

Love birds - Guy Buseyne

Partnering - Jacques Vanroose

Bateia trama verde - Regina Medeiros

Mapa matt black - Regina Medeiros

Clausa Forma - Guy Buseyne

Iuxta - Guy Buseyne

Vaso Formigueiro - Domingos Totora

Hollow sphere - Kris Demuelenaere

Dance - Cornelius Vandeputte

Frigg - Örn Porsteinsson

Pote - Cores da Terra

Totem vase - Tatiana Queiroz

Thoughts the book - Raffaella Benetti

A time to dance - Jacques Vanroose

Noi due al quadrato - Armando Di Nunzio

Trinity - Cornelius Vandeputte

Vase triangle fumê-ambar - Ca D'Oro

Thoughts the flower - Raffaella Benetti

Gardeco Objects

Molendamstraat 12 8210 Zedelgem, Belgium

T +32 50827762

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