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FUN FACTS The Dam • Originally constructed in the 1960’s • Earthen embankment construction type • At 770 feet, the nation’s tallest dam • The dam’s reservoir, Lake Oroville, is the second-largest reservoir in California Reconstruction Effort • First contractors on site – Dutra Construction (for dredging work in Feather River) and Syblon Reid Contractors (for work on the main and emergency spillway) • Kiewit Corporation hired to fix the dam at record pace • Two construction phases – Phase 1 completed on November 1, 2017; Phase 2 will be completed in 2018 • Phase 1 involved 500 pieces of heavy machinery and construction of two concrete plants at Oroville Lake • Main spillway’s new capacity ultimately will be 270,000 cubic feet per second • Construction costs = at least $500 million to rebuild the spillway VC&A Project Team • To date, 47 VC&A and subconsultant staff have been involved in the emergency repairs • Staff reported onsite during heavy rains, very cold temperatures and, as Agnes Weber said, “orchestrated chaos” • Staff worked 24/7 for five months – many did not leave the site for weeks • VC&A’s Katie Conant was part of the evacuation order – Katie and Agnes Weber were on the phone late afternoon and into the evening finding routes to get her out of Oroville safely

VC&A’s reputation for superior on-call and emergency response

services has been built on a legacy of excellence, quality, and client satisfaction. Our reputation got started when we provided emergency response services for the Oakland Hills fire restoration and Caltrans storm damage slide repairs in the 1990’s, and has continued through year history. On many of these emergency projects, VC&A provided staff and services within 24 hours of a request. Our dedication to providing exemplary services despite minimal upfront information and little time to prepare is just one reason VC&A is regarded so highly in the industry – in particular during emergency situations. Today’s version of this great company is no exception, primarily due to our numerous subsequent projects over our 30-

dedicated team of more than 200 employees. Our legacy continues through the exceptional people, processes, and tools that have become so integral to the work we do on behalf of our clients. In 2017, our reputation was put to the ultimate test during emergency repairs at Oroville Dam. VC&A played a key role in the Herculean effort to repair the dam – one of the fastest construction projects in California’s history. WHAT HAPPENED AT OROVILLE DAM? In a nutshell, a giant fissure opened up in the 50-year-old dam’s main spillway on February 7th while large amounts of water were being released from its reservoir, which had filled to the brim following heavy rains. That failure forced dam managers to deploy the dam’s emergency spillway, which

The entire Oroville Dam emergency repair project at a glance.

sends water over a bare hillside and had not been used since the dam’s completion in 1968. This caused near-catastrophic erosion and prompted the evacuation of 180,000 people in Oroville and other communities along the Feather River. Emergency repairs are being constructed in two phases over two construction seasons. Intensive construction during Phase 1 repairs involved: • Demolition and reconstruction of most

of the lower section of the damaged main spillway using a combination of structural concrete and roller- compacted concrete

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