(PB) AdminiScope Fall 2012

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S cope And once again, the holidays are upon us. As a child, I used to think the holidays would never come, and when they arrived, I thought they lasted forever. How that perspective has changed through the years! What has not changed is that I still look forward to the holidays and the time they provide to spend time with family and friends. I also look forward to a little slower pace and the opportunity to reflect upon the year that has just flown by. My message to each of you at this holiday season is quite simple. We live in challenging times with ever- changing expectations, plenty of pressure to make sure we have ample opportunity for an abundance of stress and never enough time or resources to accomplish what we would like to accomplish. That said, there is much for which each of us can be grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and work with you each day. Ours is noble work. Ours is work that makes the difference that everyone can see but few who see it relate the successes they observe back to us. Ours is work that opens doors, reveals opportunity, and offers hope that some would never see without our leadership. Ours is work that shapes the future of young men and young women, and in the end, shapes our communities. Ours is work that frequently is not acknowledged through outward praise or words of thanks. Ours is work that makes a difference. On behalf of the entire BASA staff we would like to express our thanks to you for the service you provide to your students and communities. We thank you for sharing your immense talents with others for their betterment. We thank you for the difference you make each day and encourage you to capture a quiet moment during this season so that you can reflect upon the great work you do and the many successes you have been a part of in 2012. So however you celebrate this holiday season, may it be a time of peace and happiness for you and your families. By Dr. Kirk Hamilton, BASA Executive Director Fall 2012

President’s Message By Randy Boroff

The official campaign season has finally ended, and as usual there are some winners and losers. It is refreshing not to see or hear the often negative and disturbing commercials on the television and radio. I know that many school districts had issues on the ballot, and many more than in past years were successful. Congratulations to you all. In our world it seems as if we are always campaigning and trying to educate our communities about the positive educational opportunities and services public school districts provide students. There is no such concept as a "campaign season" for public education. In this era of great change, our job has taken on new roles: recruiter and campaigner. There seems to be a greater need for local public schools to focus attention on "out recruiting" private, parochial, charter, voucher, and on-line schools. We are being challenged by the private sector and politicians, most of whom have no understanding of the educational process, about the effectiveness of public education. They come armed with little data and no research but bearing biases and allegations that put us all on the defensive. It is time that we take the offense and sell our districts and educational opportunities like never before. It is imperative that we clearly educate our communities that everyone does have a choice for educational opportunities, and the public school system is an appropriate choice. Regular and consistent messages to our constituents need to be shared with the community. We have to re-educate our staff that our game is no longer the only one in town. Everything they say and do may impact a student or parent's decision about where they go to school. We have to embrace the changes that are ahead of us and plan to meet the challenges of those changes. In Revere, I have decided (continued on page 4)

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