The Change Agents are Here!

The Change Agents Are Here and They’re Living Amongst Us! You Might Want to Change It Up To Future Proof Yourself! You’ve heard the term, “If it’s not, broke don’t fix it.” Well that statement is so last century and if you’re going to survive all of the technology, generational and cultural challenges that are facing us all, you’ll need to consider strongly what short-term and long-term financial goals will get you to success. Does your future as a trusted advisor begin and end in tax auditing and services, or are you positioning you and your company to elevate your status as someone that offers consulting or advisory services? More and more, clients are becoming savvy and are asking more of their trusted advisors to assist them with guiding their company into growth strategies, cost reduction, right sizing, valuation and profit recovery. When’s the last time you had a meeting with your client where the tax services you provide weren’t even mentioned? Who else has that kind of access to their client and commands a higher level of respect, integrity and trust? Besides in the final analysis you want to help your client Make More Money, Save More Money and Keep More Money. The question is how do you do that effectively & affordably? You can leverage your knowledge base, your college degree, years of experience and, oh yeah, that technology thing - that shiney thing that is seemingly elusive, yet promises to be very

profitable: the Cloud. As automation goes, with the Cloud being so pervasive now, and bringing everything into a centralized platform, it’s fast becoming the go-to platform that delivers what you need, when you need it, just in time. Some solutions out there are great for look good, feel good presentations and reports that show impressive charts and graphs, but they fall short of delivering actionable trends and processes that result in making money, saving money or keeping money. It’s kind of like eating a Twinkie; it tastes great, but there is really no food value in it. So next time your pondering your future, maybe even thinking about your exit strategy, think about building up your organization, fortifying it with next gen technologies that can yield real profits and be a Change Agent giving more of a return on value for your clients. Remember me when you’re at that tipping point and contact me when you’re ready to discuss how our Profit Recovery platform and Marketing Automation portal can not only Find Your Hidden Profits ® for your clients but help perpetuate new business.

Mark Luger is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Profit Pros, the Premier Provider of Profit Recovery in the World and is a seasoned technology consultant specializing in integration, marketing solutions & innovative delivery methods for over 30 years in the U.S. & abroad.

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