Worldwide Reciprocity As a Member of The Sutter Club, your ties are far reaching — to nearly 90 reciprocal network clubs worldwide. Many of the finest clubs on the planet stand ready to welcome you when you travel for business or pleasure. Our reciprocal clubs connect Members with a selection of luxury lifestyle partners, each offering an exclusive collection of services, products, and experiences catered to our Members' discerning tastes and sensibilities. Our appealing network of reciprocal clubs recently extended its reach to include even more geographies across the globe. In recent months we added new international clubs on three continents; in British Columbia, New Zealand, and Scotland, and stateside in Portland, Oregon. Beyond exceptional amenities and services, these new additions each offer something unique to its specific region. Wellington Club in New Zealand has impressive recreational facilities, including a billiard and snooker room, and a squash court. The Royal Scots Club of Edinburgh was found- ed when a Royal Scots Officer decided that a Club for all ranks would be the best way to honour the memory of the more than 11,000 Royal Scots who had been killed in the Great War. To take advantage of this exceptional Members benefit, simply visit our website and identify the Club you wish to visit, then fill out the online form to request a letter of introduction from Tom Narozonick, The Sut- ter Club's General Manager. Tom will then draft a letter of introduction and send it to the club(s) of your choosing to initiate contact. From there, the reciprocal Club will contact you directly to complete your reservation. After your visit to a reciprocal club, we will send you a short survey asking you to rate various aspects of the club so we can gather important feedback regarding service, quality, and other areas useful to fellow Members.

T raditionally during the week between Christmas and New Years not much gets done in my office. H o w e v e r , this year, with my impending

By Joseph Babich

presidency, I started off the week by previewing the January issue of The Panner . Upon completing a review of my inaugural “President’s Message” I was taken aback by a “Save the Date” item that was promoting The Sutter Club's first annual winter golf tournament. Knowing nothing about the event I did some investigation and quickly learned Board members Toran Brown and John Leonard had concocted it, which caused even more concern on my part. As I dug deeper I learned that what they planned was not in fact a full-blown golf tournament in the middle of winter, but rather an indoor putting contest that will take place inside the Club on March 1. This sounds like a great event, so mark your calendars accordingly. Kudos for thinking outside the box, boys. I am pleased to report that this year’s Father-Daughter Dance was a great success. Chef Jack also hit it out of the park in January at the Capital Chef Series Honoring Rick Mahan of The Waterboy. Chef Jack and his staff

Wellington Club, New Zealand

Royal Scots Club of Edinburgh, Scotland

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