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157 Imperial China Postal History



158 1840’s-50’s A stampless half-cut cover to Anping locally, tied by the rare 38.64mm double ring ‘BRITISH CONSULATE/ANPING’ in red brown, center image-Lion and Unicorn’ is similar to ‘Hong Kong Royal Arms’, Webb type 4. This type of cancel is not referenced in Webb, with some toned spots on both sides. Photo HK$ 4,000 - 5,000 159 1882 (11 Aug.) A Large Dragon cover (damaged) sent to France, on back bearing Large Dragon 3 cands tied by ‘PEKING’ blue seal chop, with large double ring ‘LEGATION DE LA REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE/PEKIN’ Statues of Liberty’ chop in blue. Matching ‘I.G OF CUSTOMS/PEKING/11.8.82’ cancel in blue green, ‘CUSTOMS/TIENTSIN/14. 8.82’ cds in black and ‘faint ‘CUSTOMS/SHANGHAI/19.8.78’ transit in red, and fuzzy France 9.10.82’ arrival cds x 2. Missing back flap and the bottom sleeve, it seems that it is to be considered as a cover front. Nevertheless, a nice item with a lot of postmarks. Photo HK$ 25,000 - 30,000


160 1890 (20 Apr.) A mixed franking cover to Germany, on front bearing Small Dragon 1 cand (faded) tied by ‘TIENTSIN’ seal chop in black, alongside with Reichpost 5pf green, tied by ‘SHANGHAI’ Gr.P.O cds,. On reverse with ‘CUSTOMS/TIENTSIN/20.4.90’ cds, matching the front seal chop, and ‘CUSTOMS/SHANGHAI/28.4.90’ transit. rare. Photo HK$ 10,000 - 12,000


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