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345 1944 (26 Feb) A censor cover to USA, bearing surcharge of 50c. for Kwangsi on 16c. olive-brown, stamp shows variety surcharge shifted to left , and SYS Central Trust print 10c, $1, and SYS Paicheng print $5 in pair paying correct international airmail rate at $11.6 and on front of 1944(26 Feb) envelope to USA, cancelled by “LIUCHOW” bilingual cancel, with ‘KWEILIN’ transit and ‘ Opened By Examiner’ censor label, surcharge of 50c for Kwangsi variety is rare on cover .Chan 648. Photo HK$ 3,500 - 4,000 346 1944 (8 Feb. ) An air mail censor cover registered to New York, USA, on reverse bearing SYS Central Trust print $1, $2 in pair and Paicheng print, engraved type, imperf. $10, both tied by very fine ‘EAST SZECHWAN/SIAOLUNGKAN’ cds, with ‘MIAMI/31.3.44’ ‘NEW YORK/31.3.44’ transit, ‘NEW YORK/3.4.44’ arrival cds,’Opened By Examiner/P.C.90’ censor seal, on front hand stamped ‘DHF/18’ in violet. fine. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,500



Republic of China Collections

Ex. 347

Ex. 348

347 1921- 26 A small collection the ROC early commemorative complete sets x 4, including Postal Service, Constitution, Marshal, Unification, both mint. Chan 276-279, 289-300. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000 348 A collection of the SYS issues in blocks, mainly National Currency and Gold Yuan issues, unused, approx. 900. Photo HK$ 600 - 700

Ex. 349

349 A duplicated collection of the SYS, Postage Due and Revenue stamps placed inside a medium size stamp album, mainly 1940’s issues, with a lot of overprinted and surcharged issue, with blocks, less than 50 copies are used, mainly unused. Approx. 2000. Photo HK$ 900 - 1,000


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