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587 1947 (15 Feb.) double reg. cover sent from Shanxi to Jin- Cha-Ji Military Area Command 3rd Sub-Area (晉察冀軍 區第三分區二部), f.w. on reverse 1946-47 Surch. on Bird on Globe, $30 on 5 (50c.) deep blue (Yang NC 225), tied by Henan She Xian (河南涉縣) 1947.2.15 c.d.s., on front with same She Xian c.d.s., Jin-Cha-Ji Hejian (晉察冀河間) 1947.2.26 transit c.d.s., and remnant of registration label, with some water-stain on back. Photo HK$ 15,000 - 20,000 588 1948 (7 Mar.) cover sent from Quyang to Xiaolicun, f.w. on reverse 1947 Machine Surch. on Small Victory issue, $50 on $40 magenta, block of 10 with bottom margin, cancelled by four Quyang Branch No. 2 34year_month_ day (hand-filled) (“曲陽第二支局34年_月_日” 手填戳) c.d.s., on front with Quyang 37.3.7 c.d.s., with folding creases and small tears, scarce large multiple on cover. 大 方連實寄封罕見。 Photo HK$ 30,000 - 40,000 589 1949 (13 Mar.) double reg. cover sent from Suiyuan to Jingle Xian, f.w. Suimeng Surch. on Ploughing Framer issue, $15 on $20,000 (Yang NC302), tied by Suiyuan Jining 1949.3.13 c.d.s., Xin Xian transit c.d.s., a “Suiyuan Jining R 368” registration handstamp in red alongside. Cover front and reverse separated and rejoined with paper tape, creased and age toning. Very scarce, only three covers known. 1949 綏遠集寧寄靜樂雙掛號實寄封,貼綏蒙加 蓋耕牛圖$20,000改作$15郵票一枚(楊目NC302) 。封面 與封底分離,以紙條黏合,泛黃及皺摺。十分珍罕, 存世僅知三件。 HK$ 100,000 - 130,000



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