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Group of universities. Moreover, we will remember them as a group who engaged with everything Tiffin does, producing some outstanding actors and sportsmen (see the articles below); it is no surprise that some of them will be returning to work with us during their gap year! Great success was also seen with this year’s AS and GCSE results. GCSE results were particularly pleasing, with our highest percentage of A* grades ever! Congratulations to all the students taking exams this summer, for their hard work and achievements. Full details of the results will be published later in the term on the website when all results enquiries are completed. Last year, we felt it was an appropriate moment as a School to re-examine and refresh Tiffin’s Vision and Aims. As a consequence of this process, the Governors approved a new Vision Statement and set of Aims. In particular, they reinforce the incredible benefits that we aim to deliver from the extraordinary breadth and quality of education at Tiffin School, as we prepare our students for the wider world that they will progress into. New Vision and Aims

Dear Parents

Welcome to my first newsletter as Head of Tiffin School; I hope you like the new format. Tiffin is a great School and I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming year, and do hope that I will meet as many parents as possible over the next term. I start by thanking Miss Clarke, on behalf of the School, and personally, for her terrific work here, and we hope that she is enjoying her well- earned retirement. I would also draw your attention to the new letter on the website from the Chairman of Governors, Phil Phillips, which can be accessed here . It has been fantastic to see the boys all back at School as we anticipate another extremely busy and exciting term. In particular, we warmly welcome those boys, and their parents, who are new to Year 7 and Year 12. With our new year group of 180 in Year 7, and over 200 in Year 12, we are providing the opportunity and benefit of a Tiffin education to an ever greater number of students. We also welcome some new staff this year. Mr O’Malley takes over as Director of Music, and he is joined in the Music Department by Mr Day as Director of the Choir, and Mr Mylechreest. Mr Kyriakides joins us in the Art Department, which is now headed by Miss Nava. In DT, we are joined by Mrs Wicking and Mr Rowland; in French by Mr Makula; in PE by Mr Balasubramaniam; in English by Mrs Warne and Miss Phillips; Miss Bond in Biology; Mr Watkins in History and Miss Rawlinson in Economics and Maths. In the LRC we welcome Miss Line. Today, we are holding our Leavers’ Celebration for the outgoing Year 13, who have just completed their A Levels, and are going off to university or on their gap years. It is certainly a time for celebration: their A level results were even better than the previous year’s, with over 86% at A*-B, a fantastic achievement, enabling them to proceed to the courses and universities of their choice, the great majority to the Russell Outstanding Exam Results:

Tiffin’s vision: Inspiring students to engage, aspire and excel .

Tiffin’s aims:

To prepare our students for their future lives in the modern world, we aim to:

• Nurture a love of learning , and pursuit of academic excellence and scholarship


independence, adaptability,

determination and confidence


curiosity, open-mindedness

and creativity

• Foster empathy, generosity and respect for others


participation, commitment,

leadership and responsibility

I hope that you will recognise these characteristics as the hallmark of the fine education your sons receive at Tiffin School, and I have enjoyed going through the new Vision and

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