USD Women's Swimming and Diving 2003

2003 San Diego Swimming & Diving


The 2003 Toreros at their home pool localed within the University Sports Center


The University of San Diego Athletic Department has made a commitment to increase the athletic ability of the entire student athlete population. Therefore, each student athlete will be given a sport specific training program based on the metabolic demands of their position and sport.

This is accomplished by training for the proper combination of power, strength, size, speed, agil– ity, flexibility, endurance, and footwork. It is the responsibility of the strength and conditioning staff to design and implement workouts, teach and demonstrate proper lifting technique, and to monitor and evaluate each individual athlete's progress, while maintaining a positive environment to train in. Student athletes at the University of San Diego train in the newly rebuilt USO Sports Center weight room. The 5,000 sq ft facility contains 12 power racks , 8 Olympic lifting platforms, various selectorized and plate loaded machinery, and

The Newly Renovated Varsity Weight Room

over 7500 lbs of free weight. This facility is also equipped with an additional 1800 square feet of artificial turf that is used for team agility, plyometric, and flexibility training.

The goal of the strength and conditioning department is to educate and motivate each student athlete to maximize their genetic potential and create an environment where athletes can develop into champions both mentally and physically.

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