Covenant Group February 2018 Flyer

14.97 SAVE $5 Reg. $19.99 Live Fearless NEW + SADIE ROBERTSON

19.97 SAVE $6 Reg. $25.99 The Masterpiece NEW + FRANCINE RIVERS

The bestselling author of Live Original and star of both Dancing With the Stars and Duck Dynasty is known for her simple, yet powerful messages for teen girls: be who God created and purposed you to be! Written for today’s teens and young women to challenge themselves to overcome their fears and conquer their aspirations.

Known for her ability to incorporate the redemptive power of the Gospel into her ½ction, the bestselling novelist returns with this story of a successful artist who struggles with demons from his past, who hires an assistant with a past of her own. :hen the Magged edges of their lives come together a beautiful ²masterpiece³ emerges!

39.99 Measures 10-½" x 20" Do Everything In Love BASKET WALL ART This functional wall décor item features a wire basket great for storing mail or other such items, and inspirational versing from 1 Corinthians 16:14. Handcrafted in the heart of Amish Country!

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