Europe Magazine July 2020




FIND YOUR ARTISTIC SELF IN EUROPE Refresh screen! Since taking off on your next trip to Europe may not be imminent, all the more time to consider different ways to plan it. Fantastic resources are still available online that let you visit collections and watch performances; did you know that there are also interactive activities to try out?What better way towhet your appetite for that first visit back to Europe? Art festivals are legion in Europe, and some have been rescheduled for as soon as the end of 2020. Look carefully at festival calendars for all the countries for whatever interests you themost. Youmay find a lesser- known event that will introduce you to harder-to-find artists in a location you’d never considered before. How expansive is that? If your taste is for quieter experiences, search for street art walking tours (you can sample them online first!) or itineraries designed for drawing and photographic enthusiasts who seek new and unusual scenery to capture. Dive deep and be amazed at the myriad ways Europe can come to you until you can come to Europe.

Estonia: Eat your way through Estonia 06 Hungary: Budapest's best Urban Art 08 Serbia: The spirit of Serbia 09 Germany: Germany unfolds its creativity 10 Monaco: Reinventing Monaco's Culture 12 Ireland: Ireland's artisitic side 13 Poland: Amazing art in Poland 14 Flanders: A dinasty of Masters 04 Portugal: Inspired by Portugal 03 Denmark: Create a piece of Denmark 05 Wallonia: The Pass 16 Switzerland: Public Art in Switzerland 17 Greece: Paths of Greek culture 18 Czech Republic: Bohemian glass phenomenon 20 Romania: Traditional crafts of Romania 22 Spain: Soho Malaga 21



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