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AXE FAVORITE MY with David Tyberg photo by Patty Scott Smith


BACKGROUND Best known for portraying Professor Dimitri von Stadberg, singer/bassist for Atlanta- based transdimensional rock outfit, The Extraordinary Contraptions, Tyberg is a jazz- trained bassist involved withmany facets of Atlanta’s music scene and is in demand as a ses- sionmusician among his steampunk colleagues. MAKE &MODEL Custom electric upright bass co-designed by Tyberg and Randy Garcia, built by Garcia and Sharp Guitar Works. She doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions? YEAR Construction began in 2010, still a work in progress.

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU Freedom: More compact and road-worthy than my full upright without compromising sound and playability. And unlike my doghouse, I can move around onstage with it! WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE The intersection of rock and roll, jazz, and classical. The perfect low-frequency Swiss Army knife for the bass player who’s come unstuck in time. SPECIAL FEATURES Magnetic pickups like a bass guitar, curved, full-sized upright fingerboard for bowing, smaller overall size for mobility, and full ste- ampunk sexiness.

CUSTOMMODS Although it’s now gig-worthy, I still have some ideas to implement such as an end pin, body brace, a new strap, and new pickups. OTHER NOTES Everybody else who picks it up remarks on how heavy it is. But I don’t really notice. HEAR IT IN ACTION Live with The Extraordinary Contraptions and on several videos on our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/thecontraptions


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