912809--PICASSO--Full Face Portrait of Jacqueline, 1961

Portrait de Jacqueline de Face I, 1961 Pablo Picasso

Baer's first state of three, I (of III.B.b). A proof printed in black on thin green paper. Baer records two impressions of this state, however neither of the impressions recorded by Baer are printed in black or are on a coloured paper. Our impression is unrecorded and is exceptionally rare, possibly unique in this form. It is possible this proof was pulled because Picasso was considering an edition of this state, so had it printed in black to see the effect, or was considering the use of a green background for an edition. From a complete set of working states for this subject, including a final state, signed by the artist. A total of eight impressions that illustrate the creative methodology by which Picasso, with the close involvement of the printer, worked his way in linoleum cut towards a finished image.

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