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Myendhren Govender business development manager, Johannesburg branch.

Thabo Ngobeni Sales representative, Gauteng.

Elio Estanqueiro Sales representative, export branch: Mozambique and Malawi.

Dean Lotter divisional head, projects & solutions, Johannesburg branch.

Island hopping Euler explained that it was not possible. He ex- plained that with every visit youmake to the island you cross two bridges, one going onto the island and one when you leave it. However, there are five bridges to the island, which is an odd number. Therefore, in order to cross them all exactly once, you have to either start or finish on the island. There is also an odd number of bridges going to the Northern shore, so the same argument proves that you have to either start or finish on the Northern shore. But the same argument also shows that you have to start or finish on Southern shore, and on the land to the left! So the puzzle cannot be solved. Jimwas so confused by Jane's fanciful descrip- tion that he failed to discover what the missing symbol was. Can you do better? "This diagram," said Jane to Jim, "is mystical. Each of the squares contains a mystic symbol. For ex- ample, the top right hand square shows a magical arrowhead piercing the sky. There is one symbol missing, but of course you can work out what it is if you think hard enough."


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