Dart - Bare by Solo Eco-Forward Recycled Content (PCF) Paper

Bare ® by Solo ® Eco-Forward ® Recycled Content (PCF) Paper Hot Cups


• R ecycled Content — This innovative, first-ever FDA‑compliant, PCF paper hot cup contains recycled content that comes from paper collected from school or office recycling programs after consumer use. Less virgin material is used to make PCF paper hot cups, reducing the impact on valuable natural resources. • Sustainability Alternative — Made from 90% plant‑based renewable resources and a minimum of 10% post‑consumer recycled fiber. We source fibers certified under the SFI® chain of custody. • Lid Interchangeability — Four cup, one lid solution for sizes 10 squat–20 oz. reduces storage requirements and increases operational efficiencies • Smooth Rolled Rim — Gives rigidity to the cup and ensures secure leak-resistant lid fit.

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