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The chances of a vehicle pulling up outside your garage with the new HFO-1234yf refrigerant in its air conditioning (AC) unit are fast increasing so you need to make sure you’re ready to service it. However, this doesn’t mean you can forget about its predecessor, R134a, just yet. Experts predict that vehicles requiring the R134a refrigerant will be in the marketplace for at least another decade. So, what does this mean for you? Put simply, if you haven’t done so already, you should invest in a new air conditioning machine fitted with the latest technology capable of servicing HFO-1234yf to the highest of standards.

It may also be the right time to replace your existing R134a machine. Or if you’re currently outsourcing AC servicing because you don’t have the right machine at your garage, consider purchasing one for the first time. This will ensure you avoid turning away loyal customers and will enable you to maximise revenue streams. While some older cars might not be equipped with AC units, it’s more or less a given in new cars. Identifying the right AC machines to enable your garage to service them effectively is an area that needs your full attention. A popular choice for smaller outfits is the ECK Twin. With two machines in one unit to service both refrigerant types, this option offers excellent value for money.

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