Costs of a waterjet cutting machine

Why waterjet cutting Before we get into the costs of a waterjet machine, let’s briefly have a look at why waterjet cutting has become one of the most popular choices in many different industries. There are multiple benefits that waterjet cutting offers, that other methods simply cannot.

Waterjet cutting has no material limitations. While the use of pure water is usually used for softer materials like plastics, rubber etc, with the addition of a granular abrasive, the machines can cut through virtually any material like metal,stone,ceramics and more!

No heat affected zones. When using for example laser cutting, one of the biggest risks to the product is the risk of melting and ruining parts of the material, with waterjets however, this risk does not exist. Waterjet cutting does not only enablesmooth cut edges but it increases the operator’s safety by eliminating the risk of burns.

Environmentally friendly –Any production process generates waste. With waterjet however, one can reuse many resources. For instance, the water used in the process can be recycled. The abrasive itself can also be recycled and used for example as a sand replacement in construction. Waterjet cutting also does not create any hazardous fumes or gases unlike other cutting technologies.




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